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Used daily by Laura, our full spectrum CBD oil is extracted from organic hemp grown at Laura’s Mt. Folly Farm — among the largest USDA-certified organic farms in the Bluegrass.

Know that Laura is looking out for you. We use supercritical CO2 extraction, which yields the cleanest, safest hemp extract, and we ensure label accuracy by partnering with accredited labs to provide third-party lab tests for all of our CBD products.

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Why Organic Hemp?

Research shows organically-farmed foods are more nutritious than foods grown conventionally. We believe this to be similar for hemp — that organic hemp suggests stronger cannabinoids, like CBD, which make us feel better. See our USDA Organic Certification.


homestead alternatives full spectrum cbd oil from organic hemp in Kentucky.

Transparency and authenticity are core to everything we do. From our license to grow USDA-certified organic hemp to third-party lab testing of all our CBD products, these are the standards we exact from field to product.


Hemp Science - Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Claims about CBD are flying hard and fast. We’ve set out to share only claims which are scientifically supported. This page includes patents and peer-reviewed papers by working scientists, as well as credible news sources.

About Hemp

Why Hemp?

With the federal legalization of hemp, the plant has made its way into the spotlight. Plant breeders, largely eliminating the THC in hemp, have enhanced the CBD concentration, which is being studied for its benefits.

Laura’s Story

Laura Freeman in Organic Hemp Farm

From Laura’s Lean Beef to Organic Hemp CBD

The agricultural innovator, champion of sustainability, and accomplished entrepreneur is once again making history.

After a horseback riding accident which nearly did her in, Laura experimented with full spectrum CBD to help ease her pains. She was so astonished by the results, she started growing organic hemp on her farm, Mt. Folly, and created Laura’s Homestead Alternatives CBD to share the good fortune.

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Laura Freeman and Laura's Mercantile on NBC Nightly News for Homestead Alternatives Full Spectrum CBD
Laura Freeman and Laura's Mercantile on TODAY Show for Homestead Alternatives Full Spectrum CBD
Laura Freeman and Laura's Mercantile on International Business Times for Homestead Alternatives Full Spectrum Hemp CBD


Laura’s Hemp Chocolates

Your choice of dark chocolate truffles, wafers, or bark. Laura’s Hemp Chocolates are a healthy dark chocolate free of dairy, gluten, and additives. Sure to please any lover of dark chocolate. Contains no CBD or THC.

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Hemp and CBD Education

Can CBD Really Help With Breast Cancer?

Dr. Nisha Cooch PhD, PMP CBD has rapidly grown in popularity, and we are often bombarded with messages about how CBD products may benefit us. While there is a lot of research supporting the idea that…

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