A Letter from Laura: Why I’m Grateful for CBD Oil

Laura Freeman - Homestead Alternatives CBD Oil

I’m Laura, well-known agricultural innovator and entrepreneur, once knocked back hard in a horseback riding accident. My bones mended, but until I discovered CBDs, I hurt. 

I recently dug out the box of records I kept from my stay at the Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital. Because my cerebellum, at the top of my spine, was banged in the fall, my coordination was most disrupted. I had to learn to write and type again. I had to learn to walk and run again. I had to learn to bicycle again. I did this, and more. To the world, I appeared as good as new. (My shoulder had been mangled for years, so that pain was to be expected.)

But I still had an elusive total body ache. I imagine this was something like fibromyalgia or what is described as neuropathic pain. When I discovered CBDs, and started taking the amount which worked for me, that pain just vanished. My osteoarthritic shoulder pain was so much reduced that I quit taking NSAIDS and could forgo a shoulder replacement.

1) CBDs are part of my plan to stay pain free for the long run. Full spectrum CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation, and preliminary research shows it has value for reducing joint pain, anxiety, seizures, sleep disorders, and more. This is the first reason I’m thankful for hemp CBDs.

2) Mt. Folly is one of the largest organic farms in Kentucky. Because organic agriculture needs a diverse crop rotation, we are glad to add hemp to the mix. Our organic hemp rotation this year is into seed crop rye, and we’ll use the rye seed for an organic cover crop next fall. This is the second reason I’m thankful for hemp CBDs.

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3) Farming on a family scale, rather than an industrial scale, is extremely difficult, and specialty products are a necessity if the family intends to live off the farm income. Hemp is a crop that requires many hands. From planting, to tending, to weeding, to harvesting, we all are out in the field getting the job done. CBD brings us all together; something we can truly appreciate these days. That is the third reason I’m thankful for CBD.

4) Every week, I get several emails from strangers and customers who have found hope and relief from CBDs. While I can’t officially claim CBD has medicinal value, our customers regularly describe how CBD helps with pain caused by inflammation, joint pain, anxiety, and more. Supporting a healthier lifestyle and making our customers’ days a little better is the fourth reason I’m thankful.

5) Full spectrum CBD stays true to the plant. We’ve chosen this path for Homestead Alternatives for good reason. Preliminary research shows full spectrum CBD is more effective at treating certain ailments compared to CBD isolate, because full spectrum allows all the therapeutic compounds of the hemp plant act in unison – a phenomenon dubbed the “entourage effect.”

Homestead’s CBD oil is made with CO2 extracted floral and leaf material, meaning the oil maintains purity throughout the extraction process. The end result is our oil contain more CBDs per milliliter than comparably priced CBD oils on the market, and the full spectrum quality yields better results for your well-being. That is the fifth and final reason I’m thankful for CBD this holiday season.

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I’m happy to make available full spectrum CBD here on Laura’s Mercantile, which can be ordered online and delivered straight to your doorstep!

I personally use these products to support my own health and reduce joint pain. To put it plainly, I stand behind the reliability and efficacy of our CBD products, as do many others here at the farm.

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  • Loretta Adderson

    Hi Laura, I’m a breast cancer survivor and on medication since completing radiation on August 23, 2018. I have swollen joints and pain. My hands are swollen and activities are limited. I will review your products and see if they will help me.
    We are certified organic farmers in Georgia and have been considering growing hemp if it becomes available here. Thank you for sharing your story. Loretta

  • Melissa K.

    Just saw you on the NBC national news excerpt about CBD. What an amazing story. So glad to find you online. Just one question: is your CBD product lab-tested, as was discussed on the story, to document concentration of CBD? Looking forward to trying your products!
    Sincerely, Melissa K.

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