Although hemp and CBD are federally legal, many financial institutions will not support CBD businesses. We have contacted the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, as well as our state and federal representatives. Staff at all three offices tell us they are working on it.

In the meantime…

Laura’s Mercantile now accepts payment by eCheck / Green Money. Below are the steps to complete your order during checkout.

Please note the payment by eCheck is secure with encryption at multiple levels and 24-hour employee surveillance. In the unlikely event that a fraudulent charge occurs (just as it can with a credit card), you are protected as a consumer by Regulation E, which legally requires your bank to investigate and refund any fraudulent charges.

As accredited members of the Better Business Bureau, we are committed to keeping your information secure and private.

Steps To Pay With eCheck

1) Add items to your cart as normal and proceed to checkout.

2) When entering your account information and shipping details, please enter an email address (not your mobile number) in the top field. Then, at the bottom of the page, enter a phone number in the last field.

The phone number is required by our bank processor, and will only be used in the event there’s a problem with your order. We will never call you otherwise.

3) When you get to the screen to enter your payment information, you’ll see options to pay with a credit card and Green Money. To pay with an eCheck, select the option for Green Money, as shown below.

4) Confirm your billing address is correct, then click the “Complete Order” button.

5) You will then be redirected to Green Money’s secure payment portal. Enter your routing number and account number, then click “Accept.”

6) After you click Accept, you will be redirected back to Laura’s Mercantile and will receive an email confirming your order was placed successfully.

If you have any issues paying by eCheck, please email us at