If you or a loved one is suffering from cancer, you may have heard of Joe Tippens and the Joe Tippens Protocol. But, what kind of cancer did Joe Tippens have, and how did he create his protocol? In this article, we will talk about Joe Tippens, his diagnosis and how he stumbled upon a very unusual cure for his cancer.

Joe Tippens Cancer Diagnosis

Joe Tippens is a “financial strategist and executive with over 30 years of experience. For the last 13 years, he was the CEO of Strategic Capital Group LLC and SCG Advisors LLC (Vero Beach, FL), an investment management firm he co-founded,” according to a recent podcast interview. However, that is not what he is most known for. Joe Tippens is known for pioneering the use of a canine dewormer (fenbendazole) in humans to treat cancer after he was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in 2016.

“I found out I had small cell lung cancer two days before I was about to move to Zurich Switzerland to accept an assignment as partner in a large private equity firm there,” Tippens wrote on his personal blog.

Joe Tippens lung cancer

Following his initial diagnosis, Tippens sent his biopsy reports to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. The doctors requested he fly there to be seen, and then immediately started rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Although the treatment had worked well for his lungs, his PET scan revealed the cancer had spread throughout his body.

The good news was that the chemo and radiation had done their job in my Left Lung (which was amazing considering the size of the tumor there). The bad news was that my PET lit up like a Christmas Tree from head to toe. The cancer had spread to my neck, my Right Lung, my stomach, my liver, my bladder, my pancreas and my tail bone. Dozens of tumors.

Joe was then given a grim prognosis of only having three months to live by his team of doctors. However, a few days later, Joe stumbled upon a post about a scientist at Merck Animal Health who had been doing research on mice using fenbendazole.

The scientists discovered, through trial and error, a product in their canine product line, fenbendazole, that was batting 1.000 in killing these different cancers in the mice. The scientist was later diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and was also told she only three months to live. She decided to try the fenbendazole, and after six weeks, showed a clean scan. For Joe, this sounded like the cure he had been hoping for.

Joe immediately started using fenbendazole, but decided to add other ingredients to his regimen. Along with the dewormer, Joe added curcumin, CBD oil, and vitamin E. After only three months, Joe had another PET scan. The oncologist was shocked and elated to report that the scan was “all clear.” Since then, every scan Joe has had has been clear of any cancer.

Joe Tippens Protocol Dosages

Fenbendazole: 222 mg per day seven days a week with food.

Curcumin: 600 mg (2 pills per day) of bio-available curcumin 7 days a week.

CBD oil: 25 mg sublingually (under the tongue) seven days a week.

Vitamin E (optional): 400-800mg per day, seven days a week.

**We in no way endorse the Joe Tippens Cancer Protocol as a cure for cancer, and as always, you should consult your physician before starting any new medications or treatment plans.