To Whom It May Concern:
I wanted to share with you the great test results I received after taking your Homestead Alternatives Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture (CBD oil). As a cancer patient currently being treated for 4th stage Kidney Cancer in my lungs, I was hoping to find something that would help with the side effects of my oral targeted chemotherapy. Not only has the oils helped immensely with the nausea, but I also received amazing results that we had not seen before. Since I have 4th stage cancer, it is necessary for me to have CT scans every three months to monitor how the chemo is working. Before adding the CBD oil, the scans showed slow growth and new tumors beginning. On my last scan, after only taking CBD oil for 3 months, the scans showed no new tumors or growth and for the first time it showed some shrinkage in one of the existing tumors! I wanted to be sure to share this enlightening news and my oncologists at the University of Kentucky was also pleased with the results and shared with us that many other their patients are now adding CBD oil to their treatment plans.
The reason we picked going with Laura’s Mercantile products is two-fold.  First and foremost, it is an organic brand of products that we have used for many years. It was the first organic meats that was offered at our local grocery store and we always trusted the quality of their products. The other reason is that it is a local product and our community is aware of the great effort that this farm puts into anything that they do.
My wife also began using the product after hearing my good results as she suffers from both osteoarthritis and anxiety. It has helped her in both of these areas and she is also an advocate of this great product. We can’t say enough good things about this and normally do not take the time to share a review of a product, but in this case we felt that it could help others, like it has for our family. I also am a retired researcher from the University of Kentucky and realize the value of reviews and comments when things are still new and developing. Things this good and helpful need to be shared!  Thank you for all the effort it has taken to get this supplement out there and I do hope that more people can be open-minded to the use of this awesome plant and realize that it has so many uses that can help.   We also need to point out that if more farmers would be interested in growing this new crop that this could be a great asset for our local economy here in Kentucky.
Jon Cooper