Dear Friends,

Welcome to my store. I’m glad that you are ready to embrace hemp and take action for your health. I sure have.

You might remember me as Laura, who 30-plus years ago introduced lean, hormone and antibiotic-free beef to millions of Americans. I had a fight on my hands to pull this off, but with the help of my customers, we prevailed. Today, antibiotic and hormone-free beef and chicken are available in most grocery stores nationwide.

Now, I have one of the largest certified organic farms in my state, and raise hemp in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s innovative program. Our CBD hemp is marketed under “Homestead Alternatives,” named for the original farm complex here at Mt. Folly. Our hemp-seed chocolates are called “Laura’s Hemp Chocolates,” for a wholesome treat.

To see how Homestead Alternative full-spectrum CBD products are made from Mt. Folly USDA-certified organic hemp, please see our new Hemp Certification page.

As always, I love to hear from you. Email me directly here and visit the farm’s website at

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