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CBD Legal

Mt. Folly’s hemp is grown under the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s agricultural hemp program.  The hemp seed we use in Laura’s Hemp Chocolates comes from our farm and others in Kentucky. The hemp we use in our tincture, another variety of the plant, also comes from Kentucky, and is growing here on the farm as well.

There is no THC in Laura’s Hemp Chocolates. Laura's Hemp Chocolates contain less than 0.00% THC. Hemp Seeds may be regarded as “THC free” because if there is any THC present the level is so small and so close to zero that it often falls below the level that most scientific instruments can detect.

However, the floral material of hemp grown for CBDs has a trace amount of THC. By law, this can be no more than .3%, and we have every batch tested to make certain the Homestead Alternative brand is within these limits. On the bottom of Homestead Alternative brand hemp tincture or on the back of the hang tang, you will find a lot number which ties back to one of the tests below. 

Since there is a small amount of THC in Homestead Alternatives products there is some possibility of testing positive in a drug screening.

To make sure all of our customers are in the know, we are posting each batch’s test, just search your lot number on the search bar above.

 Feel free to contact us with questions at (859) 474-8218 or you can contact Laura directly at