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Why Hemp?

In the agrarian past, Kentucky was the #1 hemp producer in the country.  Most of the hemp was for rope, and while this was an important business, it has faded into a nostalgic haze.

With the new hemp resurgence, most people are interested in the plant’s health benefits.  Hemp is not marijuana. It won’t make you high. (Its THC, the psychoactive chemical, level is .3 % or less. )

When The Kentucky Department of Agriculture started a program allowing farmers to grow hemp, we were quick to sign up.  We’ve weathered agronomic problems due to the complex bureaucracy surrounding the plant, mostly because of its druggie, but distant, cousin.

We are one of two farms (that we know of) in Kentucky trying to fit hemp into its organic crop rotation. Growing it is good for farms, and good for the farmers.

Hemp is a health food

Every day we hear about the latest wonder food, but research shows that hemp surely has some good things going for it. It contains every amino acid we need, and has plant proteins that support a strong immune system. Hemp has the ideal ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, which we cannot synthesize.

Hemp is an anti-inflammatory food, which means that it can reduce inflammation in our bodies, maybe helping us with all the aches and pains of living.  Combined with dark chocolate, the antioxidant part of the equation is there. Raised without herbicides or pesticides, it is all there.