Laura’s Hemp Chocolates are vegan, containing no milk, butter or animal products, and are made with organic hemp seeds and dark chocolate. Combining the antioxidant properties of dark chocolate with the anti-inflammatory qualities of hemp, these chocolates are a healthy choice. Hemp seeds are a reliable plant-based source of protein and also have the ideal ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, which the body cannot naturally synthesize.

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Hemp Dark Chocolate Truffles


Dark chocolate on the outside, hemp hearts and raspberry filling on the inside. These dark chocolate truffles are our most epicurean choice, perfect for gift giving or for a gourmet dessert.

Hemp and Dark Chocolate Wafers


Laura’s Hemp Chocolate Wafers are our most convenient dark chocolate candy, perfect to pop in your mouth or share with friends. The wafers are made with dark chocolate, organic hemp seed hearts, and chocolate nibs, which are pure cacao.


Laura’s Hemp Chocolate Cases


For the holiday season, events, employee gifts, and more, treat those around you to a healthier chocolate! Laura’s Hemp Chocolate Cases offer a savings of 20% compared to buying items separately, and they’re perfect for party favors and holiday gifts. Snag a case while this deal lasts!