Mt. Folly Farm’s Hazlet Rye Flour


Hazlet Rye

When I looked up rye in my southern cookbooks, the sole entry was for Rye Whiskey! None of my family cookbooks have a recipe for rye bread, though I do have several mash bills for rye whiskey.

Yet, I know home cooks and bakers will want to try rye bread. This variety, Hazlet, was recommended to us last September, 2019, at the Southeastern Grain Gathering in Lexington, Ky. We planted it on transitional organic ground soon thereafter, harvested it in July, and mill it in small batches for our customers.

The grain gathering was an excellent event, one which brought together farmers, bakers, distillers, millers, and academics to figure out how to form an artisian food chain for small grains. So join the fun, and bake some rye bread. Let us know how it goes…

And, by the way, many mash bills for Bourbon Whiskey call for 70% corn and 30% rye. Wildcat Willy’s 1833 bourbon is made with four grains. Because it is bourbon, it is 60% corn…

Each bag of flour weighs 1.30 pounds and contains 5 cups.

*Note: To maintain freshness, keep your flour in an airtight container and store it in the freezer.

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