Mt. Folly Farm’s Hickory King Cornmeal


Hickory King “old fashioned” cornmeal. Hickory King is an open-pollinated dent corn originating in the 19th-century south. Famous for grits and white corn meal, this corn variety is loved for its large kernel and its robust corn flavor.

“Even though I’d heard it said for many years, it wasn’t until we grew and milled some Hickory King corn, using a small hand mill, that I tasted and so knew the difference. I ran all over town telling people, ‘There really is a difference!’ That winter I bought a Meadows stone mill, and we started milling our own,” says Laura.

The white cornmeal is great for cornbread or corn muffins, and the grits are well-loved.

Each bag of cornmeal weighs 1.30 pounds and contains 5 cups. Because our products are stone-ground, they need to be stored in the freezer.

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This isn’t any old cornmeal. It’s not Jiffy mix, or something stocked at eye-level in the baking aisle of a big box store. Hickory King is an open-pollinated pioneer corn that grows 12-feet high, yields about 1/3 as much as modern hybrid varieties, and is known for its exceptional taste.