Homestead Alternatives Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Topical Roll-On (200mg)


Working with local artisans, we created a unique proprietary blend of essential oils, hemp seed oil, and 200mg of CBD from USDA-certified organic hemp grown at Laura’s farm, Mt. Folly. It comes in a convenient pocket-size or purse-size roll-on. This CBD topical is small, but mighty – it packs a punch!

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Whether you’ve had a hard day on the farm, played a great game on the course, or had a long day at the office, our roll-on topical will be there when you need it.

With a blend of essential oils including frankincense, myrrh, camphor, peppermint, vetiver, ginger, helichrysum, and 200mg of CBD, the rollerball is the perfect on-the-go topical. We keep it handy for the midday headache or achy joints! The rollerball top allows for easy and direct application.

We make our CBD topicals with full spectrum hemp, grown at Mt. Folly Farm. We never use less expensive CBD isolates or distillates. To learn more about the benefits of full spectrum, read Laura’s blog post, “What Full Spectrum CBD Means and Why it’s Important.”

Unlike other full spectrum CBD products, CBD topicals won’t flag a drug screening, as topicals don’t cross into the blood stream. Instead, they interact with receptors in the skin in the areas you apply the cream.


From pain reduction and inflammation to brain health, see what the science says about how CBD works in the body and brain.


To ensure every batch of CBD we place in your hands is effective and reliable, we contract with a USA-based, accredited lab which specializes in hemp testing.

You can view our lab results, search your individual test batch, and see Mt. Folly’s organic hemp certification on our Hemp Certifications page.


All CBD products listed on this website are grown in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Hemp Program and contain less than 0.3% THC.

Cannabinoid Oil is not intended for use under the age of 18. Do not take if you are pregnant or lactating. Consult your physician before use if you have a medical condition or are taking any medication.

These statements and products have not been evaluated or tested by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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