Laura’s Homestead Alternatives Peppermint & Wintergreen Bath Bombs


Laura’s Homestead Alternatives Peppermint & Wintergreen Bath Bombs

Relax, unwind, and get a good night’s sleep with these bath bombs. Each artisan-made bath bomb selection comes with two individual pieces, both with 25mg of Laura’s Homestead Alternatives CBD. Our hemp is organically-raised at Mt. Folly Farm and the bath bombs are available in Lavender & Blood Orange; Wintergreen & Peppermint, and Ginger & Ylang-Ylang. The Ylang-Ylang is an essential oil extracted from a flower of the same name, often used in perfumes it adds a sweet floral touch to our artisan crafted bath bomb.

A long soak with each bomb, a thoughtful blend of essential oils and full-spectrum CBD, will add an extra layer to your self-care regimen. Immerse yourself in goodness, enjoy a Laura’s Homestead Alternative’s CBD sweet, and finish with one of our CBD lotions for a full-spectrum trifecta.

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Suggestions for Using Laura’s Homestead Alternatives CBD Bath Bombs. Set some time aside for yourself; you deserve it.

1. Set the mood, pamper yourself; candles, music, a book, or nothing at all… It’s your time.

2. Draw your bath and unwrap your bath bomb (it’s a little easier with dry fingers).

3. After settling into your bath. Drop in one bomb for a nice treat, or two, if it has been a long day.

4. As it dissolves completely; a thoughtfully crafted aroma therapy recipe boosted with 25mg (per bomb) of Full Spectrum CBD, organically grown at Mt. Folly Farm is released into your bath water. Soak and enjoy!

5. When finished, be mindful stepping out of the tub, it may be a little slippery.