Burley Harvest
"The Burley Harvest" by Kentucky artist, Kevin Osbourn

"The Burley Harvest" by Kentucky artist, Kevin Osbourn

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Kevin Osbourn is a local artist, residing in Winchester, KY. He painted “The Burley Harvest” from memories covering Kentucky agriculture as a reporter. For generations, thousands of Kentucky families made their living raising burley tobacco. The work was extremely difficult, and nearly everyone in the family pitched in to plant, grow, cut, house and strip the leaves off the plants. Osbourn painted “The Burley Harvest” using the grisaille technique, painting entirely in shades of raw umber first and then adding the colors in multiple layers that reflect light spectacularly. This painting is dedicated to the families that raised this beautiful crop and to their communities. 

The Burley Harvest artwork is available in the following options:

  • Single Card (blank inside): $5.99
  • Set of 5 Cards: $14.99
  • 11x17 Print: $34.99


The Burley Harvest 11x17 - Item #: 0131
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